John Young
Creative Director

Web Design

art direction // project management

After a wall-to-wall rebrand, Prosoco redesigned their website from the ground up. A team of designers, developers, and internal stakeholders worked together to rethink nearly every aspect of the company website.



The Prosoco audience is diverse and so are their digital behaviors. The site needed to work as well for the architect on his/her desktop as it did for job foremen accessing the site right from the construction site.

Focus on storytelling.

Focus on storytelling.

You. Us. The project. This is the rallying cry of the PROSOCO brand and it is how the company does business every day. They are in the trenches with their customers and providing a level of support that is far beyond the competition. One major goal of the website was to tell those stories of PROSOCO working side by side with their customers to get the job done.